Yarn Bombing

I love it when I see fellow crafters ‘yarn bombing’ across the Country.  Yarn bombing is a type of street art but yarn is used instead of using paint, by covering every day objects in the street like lampposts or bollards with colourful creations, for everyone to see.  Below are some examples of large yarn bombing projects across the UK (these are not mine!)


So at Christmas time, I had the idea that I would like to not only try a small-scale yarn bombing project around my local community but to do it in a way where people could take home my project for their own enjoyment.

I set about creating around 30 mini crochet Christmas trees (I ran out of time to create more).  I then attached a little card (laminated to it would be protected from the rain) to explain the purpose of the tree and explored my local community, leaving the little trees along popular wooded and riverside areas where I knew people would discover them.

Random Act of Kindness at Christmas

Random Act of Kindness at Christmas


I felt a bit naughty and was also very conscious of not littering, or causing any danger to dogs and wildlife, so I left the trees out of reach of small animals and children and made a promise to walk the route again the following day to collect any trees that hadn’t been taken.

My husband and I set about placing the trees in different areas (well I did, my hubby was too scared to be seen and just walked with me!).  I really enjoyed ensuring that no-one was around when I placed the trees.

Random Act of Kindness at Christmas

Random Act of Kindness at Christmas










As it turned out, I didn’t need to go back the following day, as re-walking the route a few hours later, I found that all the trees had disappeared.  I searched around the area to ensure that they hadn’t blown away or fallen on the ground, but they were definitely gone.

Later that day, I received a few messages on my Facebook page from people who had discovered the trees and had happily taken them home to proudly display them on their own Christmas trees.  I was so pleased to find that people had received them in the same positive way in which they had been left.


Random Act of Kindness at ChristmasRandom Act of Kindness at Christmas











I have since done this every Christmas and love spreading a little Christmas magic.  This year I  was absolutely blown away by this message I received.  I never expected my little Christmas gesture to have this sort of impact on someone.



christmas acts of kindness from the crochet craft co


So I will continue my little Christmas yarn bombing exercise, and hopefully sprinkle a little bit of Christmas magic to someone who might need it that day.


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