Learn to Crochet

Margaret Bain
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Just returned from my very first attempt at crochet. Thoroughly enjoyed it and such concentration from all of us. Thank you Donna for being so welcoming and very patient and obviously a great Teacher as I actually managed to crochet. !!
Donna Jones
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I am loving thr new class in Totton, I have previously failed to teach myself or have friends and family teach me. Donna is very patient with us so we are all progressing and we have a laugh along the way. Would definitely recommend these classes to anyone who wants to learn.
Debbie Pettite
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Having attempted unsuccessfully to teach myself to crochet, I set about trying to find a class. I came across Donna’s class. Donna clearly has the patience of a saint and during the first class I was on my way to completing my first mini project having learnt some of the basic stitches and accompanying crochet terms. Donna manages to spend her time guiding everyone in the class with everyone having time to get on with it too (or in my case make mistakes and rectify them). I’ve completed a few bits and pieces including a small blanket and a bag and I am now working on one of Donna’s kits which is a toy animal.
Kate Woodley
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thank you for the great lesson at the show today this morning I am practicing x
Julie Hyans
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I recently started Crochet Club in Haskins at West End as a complete beginner. Donna has been so patient & helpful. Her encouragement has meant I have persevered & I’m now working my way through a list of projects I want to complete. We all have a fun 2 hours with a bit of banter & it’s great to see how everyone is progressing. Thanks Donna
Bobbie Cain
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Have just been to my first crochet class and I thoroughly enjoyed it!! Donna the tutor is really lovely lady and a very good teacher. Very good at explaining it all and very patient. Would highly recommend this class.
Helena Goodfellow
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I did an online crochet class with Donna which I loved. I’m a complete beginner and wanted to learn the basics. Donna was calm, patient and very friendly when teaching me online. She’s given me the skills to go away and practice. I will definitely be back for more lessons! Thank you so much. X
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