The Health Benefits of Crochet

Crocheting and other yarn related crafts can help improve our wellbeing and reduce health conditions associated with stress and this fast paced hectic world we live in.

Some of the benefits of crochet;

  • It helps us to stop, to sit, and to concentrate on something other than the worries and challenges of the day.  The concentration it takes to read a crochet pattern and count the stitches, helps keep our minds in the present, focusing on the task in hand and removing any clutter in your mind from the day to day worries and stresses that bounce around.
  • For large simple projects such a blankets, it can provide a repetitive, relaxing motion, which can calm, relax, and in turn have a positive impact on health issues associated with stress such as contributing to reducing blood pressure and anxiety.
  • You can develop a new skill and produce beautiful creations just from a little hook and ball of yarn, giving a real sense of satisfaction, pride and contribute to improving confidence and self-esteem.
  • There is a strong crafting community.  Joining local social groups, either in person or online, can help develop friendships and reduce social isolation.
  • It is probably the most mobile craft ever!  All you need is a hook and a ball of yarn, so it can be tucked into any bag and worked on whenever you feel the need.  Commute to work?  Theme Park?  My pictures in the ‘About Me’ section show that you can crochet anywhere, contributing to your relaxation and switch off time.
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