Fiddle/Anxiety Lap Blankets

Fiddle blannkets are a great tool for individuals who are living with anxiety disorders or dementia.

They help them keep their hands busy, maintain fine motor skills and encourage activities of daily living such as using buttons, zips and laces.

Some of the known benefits are;

  • Calm agitated hands and mind
  • Exercise hands and fingers
  • Improve circulation
  • Great stress reliever
  • Stops less helpful tools such as tearing up tissues or picking at skin.

I am keen to donate as many of these lap blankets as I can to organisations or individuals that may benefit from them.

The blankets are small in size, just big enough to cover and keep your lap warm and come equipped with zips, buttons, ribbons, key rings and other items that busy hands can play and fiddle with.

I have a dedicated Facebook page to anyone who wishes to support this cause and donate some fiddle lap blankets.  You can access it here.

If you know of an organisation that would benefit from receiving some donated fiddle blankets, please ask them to contact me!

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