Octopus for a Preemie

Crochet Octopi have proved popular across many neonatal units, not only in the UK but across Europe too.


CE tested crochet Octopi


The idea came from Denmark, where research showed that toy octopi can calm babies as the tentacles remind them of the umbilical cord in their mummy’s tummy and by squeezing the tentacles it can lead to better breathing, more regular heartbeats and higher levels of oxygen in their blood.

The babies were also less likely to pull on their monitors and tubes.

Below are some wonderful photos of two happy (and completely gorgeous) little customers of my Octopi, doing exactly what they should be doing with their new friends!  They work!!!

There are many fantastic groups of amazing volunteers which you can find online who organise sending donated Octopi to hospitals that need them.  I am lucky enough to know someone who works in my local NICU so am able to donate direct to them.  As always, I wish I had the time to donate more but I do try whenever I can.

I do also sell my Octopi on Etsy.  Whilst I think it is amazing that donated Octopi are made available to those born prematurely, and I will continue to support this and donate them as much as I can, I also believe that they should be available to all new born babies as they work so well as a comforters for little ones.

CE tested crochet Octopus

As with all my crochet toys, my Octopi are fully CE tested, ensuring they are completely safe for children from birth.

If you are interested in supporting this cause, do contact one of the volunteer groups on facebook who will be able to give you all the information you need to donate crochet Octopi to their cause.  Whilst there is some confusion as to whether donated toys should be CE tested, I would always suggest that this should  be the case, for your own piece of mind.  CE testing is a simple process which can be done at home (unfortunately it does result in having to burn your beautiful Octopus!)


CE tested crochet octopi