My very first post – eeekk!!


So I’ve finally got myself in gear and set up a new website,  woop! woop!  It’s been a challenge understanding it all (coding?! plugins?! widgets?!) and I thought I was tech savvy!  Being a creative person, I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to decide on the look and colour of the site (well it’s important stuff and it has to be the perfect shade of purple!).  My aim is to create a modern, clean space which reflects the modern and clean look of my work and show it off the best I can.  I hope I’ve achieved this.

This site will hopefully have lots of great crochet related information including information on how to crochet and build your skills, as well as how this craft can help you switch off and relax from the busy, hectic world we live in and focus the mind, all whilst making something brilliant!

I hope you enjoy it, bear with me whilst I continue to build more content.  All I need is another 6 hours in a day and we’ll be cooking on gas!





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