How it all started

I love Christmas Time.  It is a special time of year for our family and gives us a real ‘Hygge’ feeling.  If you haven’t come across ‘hygge’ yet, I will explain more about this in another post.

Christmas and crochet works perfectly together and goes hand in hand like a beautiful crochet glove (see what I did there!).

Over the last week or so I have been conscious of the state of my crochet room.  It has been spectacularly messy lately due to the deadlines I have been trying to keep; there has been yarn and safety eyes thrown everywhere (it has actually looked a lot like the inside of my head!)

When tidying it up (Mr Crochet Craft Co had nagged me a few times, but I think he was just looking for somewhere to store the Christmas drink), I came across one of my first ever makes for my business.

crochet christmas card, the crochet craft co


This crochet Christmas card represents the start of my business.

Now, for those that know me well will realise that I am notoriously bad at sending out card on special occasions.  It is not because I do not think of people at those times, I do; but just that I seem to have some inbuilt inability to organise myself enough to send cards on time.

Back in the Christmas of 2014, I made a special effort and created some crochet designs to place on cards for family and friends.  They were really well received and my hubby and some friends mentioned that I could try to start selling some.  After giving it some thought, I created some valentine and Easter cards and this Facebook page was created, as was ‘The Crochet Card Co’.


crochet card, the crochet craft cocrochet card, the crochet craft cocrochet card, the crochet craft cocrochet card, the crochet craft co

(Please excuse my terrible photos – I am hoping they have greatly improved over the last few years!)

A few months after, I was brave, stepped out of my comfort zone and rented a shelf at a local craft warehouse and as I started to develop my product range, I decided that a small tweak to my business name was needed, hence The Crochet Craft Co. (genius eh!)


My business has continued to grow since then and I now no longer create cards, but I keep this one safe as it holds a special place in my heart, without it, I am not sure my business would be where it is today.

Ironically I am still terrible at sending cards but the thought is always there!

The Crochet Craft Co

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